Product Release Notes - October 2023

October 10, 2023 - Ecom - Coupons Personalization

Shopify and WooCommerce users can leverage this block to easily pull in existing coupon codes and create new ones in one place for their direct and automated email campaigns. No more copy and pasting!


October 10, 2023 - RSS Feed Updates

We are no longer refetching the feed each time the user changes a setting. We now only refetch upon clicking “Read Feed.” Additionally, settings can now be saved when URL changes and there is the ability to reset by clicking “Reset fields.”


October 10, 2023 - Contacts Overview - Filter Combination Logic Update

Now, the default experience is that users can see all filters (List and Status). When ‘None’ is selected for the List filter, we will hide the status dropdown (since it is not relevant). Users can freely move between the other Lists within the filter to view the Status dropdown again.


October 10, 2023 - Update Default Value for Start and End Automation Actions

We adjusted the default value of Enter other automations and Exit other automations actions to be empty.

Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 2.03.07 PM.png


October 16, 2023 - New Dimension to Custom Reporting: Campaign Type

We added more dimensions to the Campaign model in Custom Reporting to give users access to the information they care about when they are using CR to evaluate marketing efforts.


October 17, 2023 - Enhanced Segmentation in Triggers

The new segmentation builder was released in the following triggers:

  • Subscribes to list

  • Unsubscribes from list

  • Tag is added

  • Tag is removed


October 20, 2023 - Email Send Limiters

Email Send Limiters have been introduced to provide users with more control over email sending capabilities.


October 26, 2023 - AI Automation Builder

This feature will now enable users to build automations via text-based prompt and enable a more streamlined process for framing out automations.


October 26, 2023 - Ecommerce Product and Order Postman Collection

This new Postman collection allows any customer not using Shopify or WooCommerce to integrate with the product and order endpoints that power the product catalog block and order status use cases.

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