How to change the personalization tag hyperlink text in the Email Designer


With the Email Designer, if you use a personalization tag in your email campaign to pull in a link, you may want to update the hyperlinked text to have a clearer call to action rather than the URL.

To do so:

  1. Locate and open the campaign, automation email, or email template you want to edit.
  2. On the Campaign Summary Page, hover over the design to the right and click "Edit design" to open the campaign designer.
  3. Drag a new text block to your layout.
  4. Click “Personalization Tags” in the modal toolbar.
  5. Click the personalization tag you would like to use.
  6. Highlight the text, then click the link icon in the navigation bar.

    In the Email Designer, highlight the text then click the link icon.jpeg

  7. In the right pane, in the "Link" section, the link type dropdown automatically updates to “Other Personalization Tag.”
  8. Just below the “Link” section, copy and paste the personalization tag from the “Title” field into the field in the “Link” section. In our example below, the personalization tag is %UNSUBSCRIBELINK%.

    Copy and paste the personalization link from the Title field into the Link field.jpeg

  9. Type the text you would like to be hyperlinked into the “Title” field. Using our example, we chose “Click Here to Unsubscribe” as our hyperlinked text.

    Example hyperlink Title Click Here to Unsubscribe.jpeg

  10. Click anywhere outside of the side pane. The personalization tag will now show as hyperlinked text. Your changes are automatically saved.

    Example of hyperlinked text that says Click Here to Unsubscribe.jpeg
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