Product Release Notes - November 2023

November 7, 2023 - Searchable Mapping and Connection Refresh

Add Search to Mapping

This feature helps customers with many fields quickly navigate to the correct field during mapping.


Connection Refresh

With this change, there is a “reconnect account” button always available on the app listing page which enables customers to refresh their connection without losing any app configurations.


November 8, 2023 - Contact Import - UI and Styling Enhancements

We made a series of UI and styling enhancements to Contact Import.

CONTACT-IMPORT.STAGING Email Marketing - Contacts Import Tool 2023-11-08 at 9.13.09 AM-20231108-151311.jpg


November 8,  2023 - Ecom Integrations: Expanded Error Logging and Webhook Failure Timestamps

We expanded Error Logging for Ecom integrations that provide actionable recommendations to customers when they experience different errors.

Additionally, we added timestamps to webhooks that will show exactly when they were deactivated.


November 15, 2023 - Automations Campaign Management for Marketing and Bundle Users

We added the following functionalities:

  • Bulk update Sender Details for Campaigns within an Automation

  • Bulk send test emails for Campaigns within an automation

  • Identify unused/orphaned Campaigns within automations 


We have updated the following triggers to now include the upgraded advanced segmentation options such as Custom Objects, 1-1 emails, Event time windows and more:

  • Submits a form

  • Goal is achieved

  • RSS based

Additionally, when users are viewing automations in the Revision History they can now hover on any trigger to see the full segmentation configurations for the trigger.


November 28, 2023 - WooCommerce Plugin Reskin

we have redesigned the ActiveCampaign for WooCommerce plugin to be consistent with the ActiveCampaign name and branding.


November 30, 2023 - "X" and "Threads" Icons Added to Email Designer

We have added the new “X” and “Threads” icon to our social media options.


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