Use Reply Tracking with your campaigns


The ActiveCampaign Reply Tracking feature logs all replies to your direct and automated campaigns, then forwards those replies to your From email address.

How Reply Tracking works

Reply Tracking is enabled from the Campaign Summary page for your campaign. This is set on a per-campaign basis. By default, reply tracking is turned Off for all direct and automated campaigns. 

When using this feature, the "Reply To" email address will change to something similar to this: and your From email address will remain the same.

Reply Tracking data is logged in your ActiveCampaign account, including a list of contacts who replied and the contents of their replies. This data is located in the Reports section of your account. Once logged, campaign replies are immediately forwarded to your From email address.

Turn on Reply Tracking for a campaign

  1. Locate the direct or automated campaign with which you want to use Reply Tracking. 
  2. Navigate to the Campaign Summary page for your email, then locate the "Options" section. 
  3. Click the "Reply Tracking" toggle to set it to the "On" position.
  4. A confirmation pop-up will appear. Click "OK" to continue.

  5. The Reply Tracking toggle will be green and will say "ON."

  6. Once you have enabled reply tracking and are ready to send your campaign, click the "Send Now" button to send the campaign immediately or schedule it to go out later. Once a reply comes in, it will be automatically tracked by us and forwarded to you.

How to view replies to your campaign

You'll be able to view a list of contacts who replied to your email and the contents of their message in your Campaign Reports. To view this information:

  1. Click "Reports" on the left menu. 
  2. Click the campaign's name.
  3. Click "Replies" on the left sidebar.
  4. Click "View Reply" to view the contents of the message. 

Forwarded replies

With the Reply Tracking feature, we instantly forward you campaign replies as soon as they're logged in your account, except for the reply type examples below. Note that these examples are not exhaustive:

  • Vacation replies, such as:
    • Out of office
    • On vacation
    • Will be back to work
    • I am away from work
    • I am away from my desk
  • Change replies, such as:
    • My email has changed
    • Please forward your email to
    • Is no longer affiliated with
    • Email account change
    • Email no longer in use
  • Challenge replies, such as:
    • Verification process
    • Spamarrest
    • Verify you are a human
    • Uses Antispam BOL or UOL
  • Drop replies, such as:
    • We will contact you as soon as possible
    • Will check your email
    • We have created a ticket for your request
    • Please allow 24-48 hours for me to respond to your email

Note that each email client has their own way of responding to the Reply-To email header we include. There are a few situations where the forwarded emails may go to the FROM email address rather than the specified Reply-to email address:

  1. Automatic replies (like vacation responders and canned responses) always get sent to the return, or FROM address. (Shown in the Return-path header.)
  2. If the From address is an alias of the Gmail account, replies will preserve the TO address. (Gmail treats "reply to self" as a follow-up to the original recipient.)
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