Reply Tracking

Our reply tracking feature monitors for contact replies to one of your campaigns.

The benefits of reply tracking:

  • Create segments
    Send follow-up campaigns to contacts who do or don’t reply to your campaign or automation email.
  • Trigger an automation based on a reply
    Setup automations to run instantly when someone replies to a campaign or automation email.
  • Send reply data to external scripts
    Utilize our webhooks system to automatically send new replies to any external script.

It is important to note that if you choose to enable reply tracking, the “Reply To” email address will be changed in order for this feature to work properly. The reply to email will look similar to Your “From” email address will not be changed. All important replies will then be forwarded to your From email address.

How to enable reply tracking

By default, reply tracking is turned off. To enable this feature:

  1. Go to Campaigns and click “Continue” for the campaign you wish to track replies for

  2. Go the Campaign Summary page for your campaign

  3. Toggle “Reply Tracking” to “On”

  4. Click “OK” on the modal pop up to enable the reply tracking feature

Once you have reply tracking enabled and are ready to send your campaign, click the “Send Now” button to send the campaign immediately or schedule it to go out at a later day and time. Once a reply comes in, it will be automatically tracked by us and forwarded to you.

Reply types

If reply tracking is enabled, we will immediately log all replies sent to that campaign. We will then instantly forward you the reply exactly how we received it with the following exceptions:

  • If it is found to be an “out of office” or “away” message we will not forward it to you
  • If it is found to be spam (with a 99% chance) we log it and will not forward it to you
  • If it is found to be a “my email has changed” type of email we automatically update the subscriber’s email and will not forward it to you
  • If it is found to be a human verification/challenge email we log it and will not forward it to you
  • If it is found to be an “unsubscribe me” type of email we unsubscribe the subscriber and will not forward it to you

Viewing replies

You can view a list of contacts who replied to your email and the contents of their message. To view this information:

  1. Click on “Reports” from the top menu
  2. Click on the Campaign name
  3. Click “Replies” from the left side bar
  4. Click “View Reply” to view the contents of the message

You can also see the contact's reply on their contact profile page under “Recent Activities.”

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