How do I use a different mailing address in my email footer?


In this article, we'll show you how to change the physical mailing address that appears in the footer of your email.

  1. From the Campaigns Overview page, click "Continue" for the campaign you wish to update.
  2. Navigate to the "Summary" page for the campaign.
  3. In the address section, you'll see a dropdown. The address selected here will be the same address that will display in your email's footer once it's sent. To use a different address, click the dropdown.
  4. Now you can choose to use a different mailing address by clicking it from the list of options. Or you can add a new address on the spot by clicking "Add New Address." If you choose to add a new address, a pop-up window will appear. Complete the information in the window and click "Add." The new address will be selected in the dropdown automatically.
  5. Once you've finished selecting a different address to display in your email, you can click "Save & Exit" at the top so you can come back to your email later. Or if you're ready to send the email, you can click "Send Now" or schedule it to send at a future date and time.

You can only make this update for campaigns that have a "Draft" or "Scheduled" status. It is not possible to use a different mailing address for campaigns with a "Sent" status.

This update can be made to automation emails at any time. All contacts who are sent this campaign after you make this change will see your updated physical address.

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