Adding affiliate links in ActiveCampaign emails

With ActiveCampaign, you can include affiliate links in your marketing emails with some restrictions. Many marketers include affiliate links in emails to share information about relevant products or services that their audience may find helpful. In this article, you'll learn what affiliate links are and when you can include them in your communications.

Affiliate terminology

Before we start, here is some terminology to remember:

  • ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program
    An ActiveCampaign Partner Program where you can refer customers to ActiveCampaign and receive up to 30% of each customer's account value.
  • Affiliate links
    Links that direct traffic to a third-party's (affiliate) products or services. These links can be used in social media, blogs, and emails. These links are meant to help drive revenue for the affiliate. Including affiliate links in emails are allowed in ActiveCampaign with some restrictions.
  • Affiliate marketing
    A  program in which individuals can earn a commission if they drive leads or sales for a third-party (affiliate). Using ActiveCampaign for the sole purpose of sending and promoting affiliate offers to contacts is against our Acceptable Use Policy.

Can I include affiliate links to ActiveCampaign in emails?

You can include your ActiveCampaign affiliate link in your emails. However, you cannot send promotions or dedicated email offers for ActiveCampaign services.

What happens if you suspect I am breaking the Acceptable Use Policy?

If we suspect there is an issue with your sending we will start a discussion with you and see if things can be modified to fit our policies and to better understand your sending. If your sending will not work within our policies, we will keep your account under review. During this time you will be allowed to export your contacts.  

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