Affiliate marketing policy

What we don’t allow:

  • Sending affiliate offers. You have a single list and send various affiliate offers to it.
  • Sending emails that have the sole purpose of pushing an affiliate link or offer.
  • Sending an email with the sole purpose of promoting another product or business that the contact has no prior relationship (nor opt-in) with. Your contacts must always be able to recall why/how they are getting emails and the relationship with the sender must be clear.
  • Any emails related to getting rich, making money from home, etc… (as it conflicts with other parts of our TOS)

Areas where an affiliate link is ok:

  • Adding relevant affiliate links to an email with high quality content. The affiliate links should not be the primary focus of the email.
  • Sending updates and information about your own affiliate program to your registered affiliates.


  • But ActiveCampaign has an affiliate program?
    We do. But we do not allow anyone to send emails exclusively about ActiveCampaign from our service (or any service for that matter — as its part of our Affiliate TOS). We want to ensure that it is never promoted as a dedicated email offer. We have actually never encountered an issue with this despite a great amount of money going through our Affiliate program.

  • What happens if you suspect I am breaking the TOS? Do you suspend my account and have me lose my contacts?
    We never disallow access to your contacts. If we suspect there is an issue with your sending we will start a discussion with you and see if things can be modified to fit our TOS and to better understand your sending. If your sending will not work within our TOS we would keep your account under review but you would have time to export all of your contacts. 
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