Reseller Program

The ActiveCampaign Reseller Program is an opportunity to create your own business around our platform. This article will explain the opportunity and give you some help getting started as a reseller.

What is the Reseller Program?

Resellers have the option to white label the platform (so that there is no ActiveCampaign branding), set their own pricing, and earn discounts as they add more accounts to their reseller dashboard.

When you sign up as a Reseller, you'll be asked to create a username (your email address), a password, and submit billing information. Once this information is submitted, a member of our Sales team will contact you and speak with you more about the program.

Note: The card that you provide for billing will be charged each month for the cost of each account you have in your Reseller Dashboard. You can change this card at any time through your Reseller Dashboard. Resellers are responsible for billing their customers for their accounts. You can process these payments with a third party solution. We do not handle the billing of your customers, but we will bill you for their account each month. We will bill a single card for each of your resold accounts.

Logging into your Reseller Dashboard

When you log in to your Reseller Dashboard, you're able to administer your customer accounts and adjust various settings.

You can also log in on that page by clicking the “Existing Customers” link on this page.

Reseller discounts

As you add more accounts to your Reseller Dashboard, the cost of each account goes down.

The first account is full price. The second account you add is 25% off the monthly fee.

When you add 25 accounts, the discount is 35% off.

When you add 50 accounts, the discount is 45% off.

When you add 100 accounts, the discount is 55% off.

Creating a successful Reseller business

To be successful, you may want to focus on offering something unique to your customers in addition to our platform. This will help you attract more customers but it also allows you to be more flexible with your pricing. The more value you provide your customers, the more you can charge each month, the more profitable your business becomes.

You might offer:

  • Marketing or sales consulting services
  • Help with email campaign design
  • Website hosting
  • Copywriting services

You may also want to focus on a particular niche, industry, or vertical. You could create a solution for a specific type of business. This will allow you to appeal to a specific type of business with a specialized solution. You could create automation workflows for that business type and include them in their accounts or help them set them up after purchasing.

White labeling client accounts

Although you have the option to customize the look and feel of the app, many Resellers choose not to white label because the ActiveCampaign brand is well-known and highly-regarded. Instead of trying to establish their own brand, they choose to make it clear that they are offering ActiveCampaign's powerful platform and adding additional value on top of it.

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