Certified Consultant program

Our certification program is an opportunity to work closely with ActiveCampaign users in a coaching or consulting role. We'll refer our users to you when they need assistance beyond what we can provide in a support role. They might seek out your services for a particular project, such as building out their follow up automations, or they might want ongoing help over the long-term.

Benefits of certification:

  • Listing in our consultant directory
  • 25% commission on monthly plans and 30% commission on yearly plans
  • Certified badge to indicate your status as a certified consultant
  • Access to Certified Consultant Facebook group
  • Pilot upcoming features


To become certified you need to be familiar with all the features our platform so we require that you have an active account on a Plus or higher tier.

There is a $2,000 application fee and a yearly $150 fee. The application fee is to ensure you are invested in the program and the $150 fee is to ensure you are still interested in participating.

How to become certified:

You can apply to become certified by submitting the application here.

We'll review your application. If you're accepted, we'll set up a series of one-on-one calls to discuss your experience, your business, and answer questions you may have.

If you are certified, we'll work with you to create a listing for the directory and we'll begin referring our users to you when your skills and experience are a match for their needs.

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