Purchasing SMS credits

Available on Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

If you're the Primary Account Admin, you can purchase SMS sending credits for your account.

SMS credits can be purchased in one of two ways - by setting up a "Subscribe by SMS" action or by adding a “Send SMS” action to your automation.

Before you purchase SMS credits, please note the following:

  • Plus and Professional plans receive 25 free SMS credits per month
  • Enterprise plans receive 1,000 free SMS credits per month
  • SMS credit purchases cannot be set up to auto-renew

View a list of countries we support sending SMS messages from, along with the number of credits used per message. 

Purchase credits on the Subscribe by SMS page

  1. From the Contacts > Lists page, click the down caret for any list.
  2. Click "Subscribe by SMS."
  3. Acknowledge the Acceptable Use Policy.
  4. Click the green "Purchase" button.
  5. A new page will open where you can select how many SMS credits to purchase. Click the green “Purchase” button next to the number of credits you wish to purchase or select the number you wish to purchase from the SMS sending credits dropdown menu located on the bottom of the page.
  6. On the next page, re-enter your credit card information and click “Submit My Order.”

Purchase credits from a "Send SMS" automation action

  1. From the Automations Overview page, click "Edit" for the automation you wish to use with SMS.
  2. Click "Sending Options" then drag and drop the "Send SMS" action to your automation.
  3. The "Send SMS" action modal will open. Click the "Purchase" button.
  1. In the next modal, select the number of credits you wish to purchase then click the "Purchase" button.
  2. The modal window will reload showing you the number of SMS credits you have and the credit card we have for you on file will be charged. When finished, click the "Save" button.
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