Purchasing SMS credits

Both Plus and Professional accounts receive 25 free SMS sending credits per month.  Enterprise accounts receive 1,000 free SMS sending credits per month. Lite accounts do not include SMS sending. Trial accounts can use SMS but credits must be purchased. SMS credit purchases cannot be set up to auto-renew.

For more information on pricing and what countries are supported, please visit this help document.

If you're the Primary Account Admin, you can purchase SMS sending credits for your account. 

SMS credits can be purchased in one of two ways - by setting up a "Subscribe by SMS" action or by adding a “Send SMS” action to your automation. It isn't important which method you use to make the purchase; the same sending credits can be used for either Subscribe by SMS or SMS messages sent by automations.

Purchase credits for Subscribe by SMS:

  1. Select “Lists” from the top navigation menu
  2. To the right of each list is an "Import Contacts" button and a dropdown button. Click the dropdown button and select "Subscribe by SMS"

  3. Click the green "Purchase" button on the lower right of your screen. 


  4. A new page will open where you can select how many SMS credits to purchase. Click the green “Purchase” button next to the amount of credits you wish to purchase or select the amount you wish to purchase from the SMS sending credits dropdown menu


  5. On the next page, re-enter your credit card information and click “Submit My Order”


Purchase credits to send SMS messages from automations:

  1. Go into edit mode for the automation you want to add a "Send SMS" action to
  2. Drag and drop the Send SMS action or click on the node (+ symbol) and select “Send SMS”
  3. Click the “Purchase” button located on the top right of the screen


  4. Select the number of credits you with to purchase


  5. Click the green "Purchase" button to confirm your purchase


  6. The modal window will reload showing you the number of SMS credits you have and the credit card we have for you on file will be charged

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