Bots are adding spam contacts to my account. How do I stop this?

Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Add the CAPTCHA to your form. To do so, drag the CAPTCHA field from the right panel of your form editor into your form.


  2. Ensure that double opt-in is turned on. To check and see if your form is using a double opt-in, go open your form by editing it and click the Options tab. Under Form Action, click the gear icon located next to your “Subscribes to List” action. You should get a pop-up screen where you can check to make sure double opt-in is indeed on.


  3. Add a hidden field to your form. If the field is populated, you'll know a bot filled it out. You can then take actions to remove those contacts, whether done manually or with an automation. 

    Note: adding a hidden field to your form is not a foolproof way to stop bots, because bots do not consistently fill in hidden fields or vice versa. The only sure way to protect a form is to follow steps 1 or 2 listed above.

If the steps above don’t resolve the issue, regenerate your API keys. Please be aware this will break all your integrations. However, it will protect your account from any integrations that are being attacked by bots.

To read more about spam contacts, click here.

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