How do I opt-in contacts I have collected offline?

Our service requires that your contact list be an opt-in list. This policy is important to reduce bounces and abuse rates, keep our servers off of blacklists, and ensure great deliverability for all of our clients.

Are my offline contacts considered opt-ins?

If you collect email addresses offline and it is clearly a form to join your email list, these contacts are considered opt-in and you're free to add them to your account and send to them.

If you have collected email addresses via business cards, contests, written forms that don't ask for permission to send campaign emails, or any other physical means, you cannot send them campaigns from your ActiveCampaign account because these email addresses are not considered “opt-ins.”

How do I opt-in contacts I have collected offline?

In order to opt-in contacts you have collected offline, we recommend sending each individual a personalized email sent from your own email client. This email should offer the client more information about your company, product, or service, and thank them for their interest. In this email, you can include a link to a subscription form or better yet, to your website where a form can be found. In sending contacts to your website, they can see what services you offer and decide to subscribe from there. Offering incentives to join your mailing list never hurts either.

As far as timing goes, we recommend sending individual emails to these contacts shortly after you receive their contact information when you're more likely to be top-of-mind. The longer you wait, the poorer your response rate will be.

To read a description of what constitutes an “opt-in” list and view examples of different types of lists you can or cannot send to, please read through our What is an Opt-In List? article.

You can also read our Consent Policy here to learn more about our opt-in and sending policies.

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