Google Contacts integration

Google Contacts is an online address book that is integrated with Gmail, Calendar, and other Google products. 

This article will walk you through how to add your Google Contacts into your ActiveCampaign account using the Automatic Importer.

1. Go to the Imports page in your account by clicking on "Contacts" in the left navigation menu.

2. Then click "Import" at the top.

3. Scroll down until you see the Google Contacts icon. Click “Google Contacts.”

4. A modal window will pop up. Click “Next.”

5. Choose the appropriate Google account.

6. The next window will ask for permission to access your contacts. To proceed with setting up this automatic import, click “Allow.”

7. In the next window, you can choose to not add a contact to a list, or you can add the contact to as many lists as you like. To add contacts to your desired list(s), click on the list(s) name and click “Next.” The selected list will be highlighted in green.

8. In the next window, you will have two import choices to select from: "Import contacts and auto import new contacts in the future" AND "Import contacts and do not auto import new contacts in the future." Click on one of the choices to select them. You can also add a filter to narrow down the data imported (optional) and select which Contact Group to import into your account (required).

You will not be asked to map custom fields. We create the custom fields for auto-importers and will map those for you. For this auto-import, we will map the the contact’s name, email address and organization name as it appears in Google Contacts.

Click “Next” to complete the setup of your import.

If you do not have a contact group set up in your Google account, then you will not be able to choose a group when you set up your auto-import. If you proceed with the import without a contact group, then any contacts you have created, as well as those contacts considered “Frequently Contacted” by Google will be added to your account. Contacts you interact with will also be added to your account.

Once you have completed the set up, your existing Google Contacts will be added to your ActiveCampaign account and new contacts will be synced every 30 minutes.

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