Why weren't contacts added to my automation?

Here are the most common reasons why contacts were not added to your automation:

  • The automation was not set to “Active”
  • Start triggers weren't configured correctly
  • The contact did not meet trigger conditions
  • The automation was activated after the contact met the trigger conditions
  • Integration did not add contacts to your automation

Our recommendations are:

  • Make sure your automation is set to active. Contacts cannot be added to it until it is. To make sure your automation is active, select “Active” from the top right corner of your automation.
  • Examine your start triggers to see what may be preventing a specific contact or group of contacts from entering. Learn more
  • If you're using a page visit as your start trigger, make sure the URL in your trigger matches both the page visit and the whitelisted domain. Learn more
  • Automation triggers are not retroactive (does not apply to Date-based triggers), meaning, if the automation was activated after the contact met your trigger conditions, they will not be added to your automation. You will need to use the bulk editor to manually add them.
  • If you're using a third party form with the “Submits Form” trigger, contacts will not get added. Use a “Subscribes to list” trigger instead.

If you still have more questions about your automation and why it is not triggering to run, reach out to our support team and we'll be happy to help you. 

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