Why are contacts bouncing with a 9.1.5 code?

If you see a 9.1.5 bounce code in your campaign reports, that means that your contact was "auto-bounced" and your message was not sent.

There are a few reasons why this can happen:

  1. The address has a long string of numbers like alex12345@gmail.com. We prevent you from sending to addresses with long numerical strings like alex12345@gmail.com because these are typically spam trap/throwaway addresses that can get you blacklisted.

    We can lift restriction on your account, although we don't recommend doing so if you want to avoid blacklists. It's also an easy and free way to keep your list clean. 

  2. The email address contains admin@, test@, support@ address, or some similar role-based account. We prevent you from sending to these email addresses if they were imported via CSV. Role-based emails such as these rarely opt into marketing lists and are often spam traps that can get you blacklisted.

    If you would like to send an email to a contact that uses a role-based email address, you will need to add them to your account via an ActiveCampaign form.

  3. The address uses a domain that seems suspicious. We prevent you from sending to certain domains (for example "@163.com") that are higher risk and are known to cause deliverability issues. 
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