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In this article, we will cover the following:

Note: This feature is available on Plus, Professional, and Enterprise accounts. Lite accounts do not include Calendar Feed. 

What is Calendar Feed?
Calendar Feed lets you create a customized feed of uncompleted tasks that you can add to your calendar client. We have included instructions for adding a calendar feed to Google, Outlook, and Apple however, the calendar feed feature can work with any calendar client that supports subscription calendars. To find out if your calendar client supports subscription calendars, you will need to consult your calendar app.

With this feature, you can configure your feed to show:

  • Tasks attached to deals
  • Tasks attached to contacts
  • Tasks attached to both deals and contacts
  • Tasks assigned to specific users (Account admins only. Can be combined with any of the above options and will only show you tasks assigned to user(s) you select.)

Any changes made to tasks within ActiveCampaign will automatically be reflected in your calendar, so you do not need to re-add the same feed. For example, if a new task is added to a contact, you will see that update in your calendar. It is important to note that your calendar client is responsible for the frequency of these updates so you may not see changes right away.

If you update or remove any task from your calendar, that will not be updated in your ActiveCampaign account.

 How to create a calendar feed

  1. Select “Calendar” from the “My Settings” page in your account.


  2. Click the “Add Calendar” button located on the top right of your screen.


  3. An “Add Calendar” modal will appear. Enter the name of your calendar in the “Calendar Name” field.


  4. From the Tasks dropdown, select type of task. “All” will show you tasks attached to deals or contacts, “Deals” will show you tasks attached to Deals, and “Contacts” will show you tasks attached to contacts. In this example, we will select “All” which means that you are customizing your calendar feed to show tasks attached to deals or contacts.


  5. Pipelines: Select the pipeline(s) that you want to see tasks for. You can select one, several, or all pipelines. This option will only appear if you select the “Deal” type of task or “All” tasks.
  6. Users: If you are an admin user, you will also see a “Users” section in the “Add Calendar” modal. This will allow you to see tasks assigned to each of your users. Once a user(s) is selected, you will only see tasks assigned to that user(s). Select the user you want to see tasks for by clicking on the checkbox next to their name. You can choose as many users as you like. If you are not an admin user, then the “Users” section will not appear.

    Admin user view:


    Non-admin user view:


  7. Check the box next to “Include Alerts” if you wish to have alerts sent to you. Any alerts you have created for your tasks will be created as calendar alerts on your calendar.


  8. Click “Add.”


  9. Copy the feed URL from the Calendar page:


    and paste your calendar URL into your Calendar client. In this example, we're adding this to a Google Calendar:


Once you have added your feed to your calendar client, all tasks not marked as complete for the settings you selected will display in your calendar. If you are not an admin user, then you will only see tasks assigned to you that are not marked as complete.

 How to edit a calendar feed

You can edit the following elements on your calendar feed at any time:

  • Calendar name
  • Task type
  • Pipelines (if Deals is selected)
  • Which users' tasks are shown (admin group only)
  • Enable/disable task alert

To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Calendar page in your account
  2. Click “Edit” for the feed you wish to modify
  3. Make your changes
  4. Click “Save”

Any changes you make will be reflected in your calendar. You do not need to re-add your calendar URL to your calendar client.

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