Troubleshooting automatic imports



Our automatic import feature may not always import the exact number of contacts you'd expect it to. Listed below are the most common reasons why, along with our suggestions. 

  • You reached your contact limit. Once you reach your contact limit, the automatic importer will stop adding contacts to your account. You can upgrade your account to allow for more contacts and avoid a disruption of service.
  • Not all of your contacts had an email address or a valid email address. In order for contacts to be added to your account, they must have an email address and it must be valid.
  • You're trying to add several hundred contacts (or more) at once. Our system can only import a few hundred contacts with each run. If you're adding more than that, you will need to give it some time before all of your contacts will appear. The system will check for new and updated contacts every 30 minutes. This issue will also arise if you are running multiple importers for the same external account. If you need to add all of your contacts right away, use a CSV file to import your contacts instead.


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