What is included with the Enterprise plan?

Dedicated account rep

You will be assigned a dedicated account rep. This individual will help you with the on-boarding, your marketing strategies, implementation of campaigns, and be a single point of contact should you have any questions.

In-depth onboarding consultation

Early on we will see if you want to discuss your objectives, likely usages, etc. This will involve going over what we can do, what we think you could benefit from, walking you through the platform, and more.

Customized marketing strategy (with quarterly updates)

After our initial consultation, we will begin to brainstorm & strategize ways that you can improve upon what you already want to do. We will put together a plan and help implement any items you wish to pursue. We can also monitor the progress of your campaigns & efforts. Should we notice anything good or bad, we will reach out as needed and will have quarterly updates to help show the results over time along with going over any new ideas we may have to optimize your efforts further.

Automation strategy design & implementation

Your account rep will help strategize ways that you can add automation to your marketing, sales, and service processes. We will help create the optimal automation workflows and series to ensure maximum return on your automation efforts.

Expedited phone, live chat, and email support

You will have expedited phone, live chat, and email-based help available should you require assistance with your service. Your dedicated account rep will also help ensure everything is moving smoothly in resolving any issues you may have.

Personalized deliverability & reputation monitoring

Special attention will be given to your deliverability rates over time and working to improve your deliverability. This includes assistance with how to warm up sending as you start, adjustments you can make to ensure high delivery, any noticeable changes in delivery that could require some investigation, etc.

Free ERJA data (age, gender, social profiles of your contacts)

We supply all enterprise clients with free ERJA data for Age, Gender, and Social Profiles. This means that you can know more about your contacts and use that extended data for personalization, segmentation, and automations.

Unlimited (free) email testing

Test your email designs with all the major email clients. Testing is unrestricted at no cost to you.

Free custom design services

You are eligible for a variety of free design services including:

  • 1 free custom email design per quarter of service
  • Unlimited basic email design services (where we customize one of our stock templates with your logo/colors/branding)
  • Email design support (assistance with ensuring the email has maximum email client compatibility, email design tips, etc)

Custom domain for app & mail sending

You can choose to setup a custom domain for your app and a custom domain for your mail sending.

  • With a custom app domain you could login at marketing.yourdomain.com instead of yourcompany.ourdomain.com.
  • With  custom domain for mail sending you won't see our mail server domains in the "via mailserver.com" or "sent on behalf of mailserver.com" messages that appear in some email clients. This can help your deliverability and can ensure consistent branding of your emails. (This is different from being able to set a custom from email address which you can do with all of our plans.)

Uptime SLA

Our service level agreement assures you that service will be available 99.9% of the time. If service is not available 99.9% of the time you would be eligible for account credits. Read our full service level agreement


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