How to create a form

ActiveCampaign forms can be used as a way to help you grow your contact database. Depending on the type of form you create, you can collect very basic information, such as a name and email address, or you can collect even more information, such as birthday, phone number, and any special interests you want to know more about.

Once you create a form, you will be presented with different ways to integrate it into your web assets*. For example, you can embed the form directly onto your website using code we provide, you can share a link to your form, you can integrate your form with Wordpress, or you can place your form on Facebook page. As soon as a contact submits your form, they will be added to your database.

*Only inline forms include both a simple embed and full embed code, a form link, Wordpress integration, and Facebook integration options.

Floating bar, floating box, and modal form styles include a simple embed code and Wordpress integration only.

For in-depth information on forms, read this guide.

1. Click on "Forms" from the left navigation menu in your account.

2. Click on "New Form" at the top right.

3. A “Create a new form” modal will appear. Give your form a name and select a form style. You can read more about form styles here.

4. Select an action and appropriate option. For example, if you choose “Subscribes to list” as your action, you will need to select a list to add contacts to. The actions you can choose from are Subscribes to List, Add a Tag, Email Results, and Add to Deal (Plus, Professional, Enterprise, and Trial accounts only. You can add as many actions as you like by clicking “Add Action.” 

5. Click “Create.” You will then be directed to the form builder.

6. Inline Forms only: Under the “Fields” tab, you can drag and drop additional fields to your form. If you want to add a custom field, click “Add Custom Field.”

7. To make any field required, click on that field in your form. Then click the check box to the right of “Required.” Once you click the required box, that checkbox will turn green and an asterisk (*) will appear next to that field.

8. The “Style” tab will allow you to adjust the look of your form. Here you can change the layout, background and font color, button, add your own custom CSS, and turn off ActiveCampaign branding (accounts on Plus and up only). 

9. The “Options” tab will allow you to choose a submit action and edit/add form actions.

Click here to learn how to change the "Thank you" message that appears when a contact submits your form. If you want to learn how to redirect contacts to your website instead, click here.

The form actions you can choose from are Subscribe to List, Add a Tag, Add to Deal (Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans only), and/or Email Results. There is no limit to the number of form actions you can add to a form.

You can also modify your double opt in email, confirmation action, and enable single opt in from this tab. It is important to note that if you are using a list subscribe form action, the double opt in is automatically enabled.

10. Choose whether or not to leave the “Advanced” box checked. By leaving the “Advanced” option checked, you are allowing blank fields to overwrite existing field data.

11. Once you are satisfied with your form, click “Integrate.” The "Integrate" page will give you different options you can use to publish your form and start collecting subscribers. To learn how to publish a form to your website, click here. When finished, click “Save and Exit."

Accounts on the Lite plan have access to inline form styles only and cannot remove ActiveCampaign branding.

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