How to add custom CSS to your form

Custom CSS can be applied to all form types.

With ActiveCampaign forms, you can add your own custom CSS in order to modify visual elements of your form, such as font type and size, form field width and height, and the submit button's width & height.

Using this feature requires knowledge of CSS syntax. If you are not familiar with CSS, you may need to work with someone on your team who is. There are also several great resources out there where you can learn CSS, such as this one.

To add custom CSS to your form:

  1. Click on the “Style” tab located on the top right of your screen of your form editor.


  2. Click the “Inspector” button and target the element that you want to add custom styling to by clicking it


    For example, you can target the submit button.
  3. After you target your element, you will see that element in your Custom CSS box. Type your CSS to the box under ._submit {.


Here is a quick animation illustrating how to adjust the font size and font type for a form's submit button using the Inspector tool and Custom CSS box:


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