How do I display specific fields in my notifications?

You may notice that when you receive a notification from either a form or automation action, all contact information fields will display. This is because all fields are assigned to (or associated) with all lists. This is the default setting for all custom fields. However, you can specify which custom fields will appear in your notifications by changing which list(s) they are assigned to. 

To change the list association with a custom field:

1. Click “Lists” from the left navigation menu.

2. Click “Manage Fields” on the top left of your Lists page.

3. Click “Edit” for the field you want to update.

4. Select “Show Advanced.”

5. Select/Unselect the list assignment for your field by clicking the checkboxes.

6. Click “Save.”

Once the field is assigned to a specific list(s), it will only appear on the profile pages for contacts who are associated with that list.

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