Facebook Lead Ads with Automate.io

With Automate.io, you can integrate ActiveCampaign with Facebook Lead Ads to transfer new leads to your ActiveCampaign account so you can immediately begin automated follow up.

To get started, you'll need:

  • An ActiveCampaign account
  • A Facebook Ads account
  • An Automate.io account

How to set up the Automate.io Facebook Lead Ads integration:

  1. Log into Automate.io and create a Bot.
  2. On the bot creation page, you will need to define the Trigger and Action for the Bot. In our case, the trigger event is a new lead being created in your Facebook leads account. The action is creating a lead in ActiveCampaign.

  3. Click on the “Select Trigger App” and in the dropdown, search for ‘Facebook’ and select the option ‘Facebook Leads.’ This will open a window where you will need to authorize Automate.io to access your Facebook leads data.Image_2017-06-30_at_4.12.03_PM.png
  4. After the account is linked, select the Trigger event as New Lead, then select the Facebook Page, and then the Form on the page.
  5. After the Form is selected, the form fields are shown as Output fields. The Output fields contain the actual data the visitor fills in your ad form.
  6. Now for the Action App search for ActiveCampaign in the popup and select it. In the popup window, fill the API URL & API Key. You can get them by going to Settings -> Developer -> API Access in your ActiveCampaign.
  7. Authorize and save the app once the details are entered.
  8. Now, select the Action as Add or update contact and provide the input data for the contact. Here, you will need to use the Output fields of the Facebook form. For example, you can drag the email related output field from into the input field of ActiveCampaign. Alternatively, click on the + sign against the input field (shown in picture) and select the Facebook form data to be used.
  9. After the data is mapped from the Facebook Form to ActiveCampaign Contact, save the bot and enable it. Once a new lead is generated in Facebook, it will be transferred to ActiveCampaign within 5 minutes.
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