How to publish a form to your Facebook Page



With ActiveCampaign, you can publish any inline form to your Facebook business page. Doing so helps you grow your mailing list.

Take note

  • The ActiveCampaign Customer Experience Team is not able to help you troubleshoot any issues with your Facebook settings or account
  • You can add inline forms to your Facebook Page only
  • Facebook requires that you have at least 2,000 likes on your Page before you can add an opt-in form to it
  • Only Facebook Page administrators and editors can add ActiveCampaign forms. Learn more about Facebook’s Page Roles
  • You can only have one form on your Facebook Page

How to add an ActiveCampaign form to your Facebook page

You can use the ActiveCampaign Facebook forms integration to publish your form to your Facebook Page.

Publishing a form to Facebook automatically creates a custom tab on your Page. Custom tabs are managed in your Facebook account.

To publish your form to your Facebook Page:

1. Click "Website" on the left menu to navigate to the Forms overview page.

2. Locate the form you wish to publish, then click the "Edit" button.

3. Click the "Integrate" button.

4. Click the "Facebook" tab.

5. Click the "Get Started" button.

6. On the modal window:

  • Type your Facebook login credentials into the fields provided
  • Click the "Log In" button

7. On the next screen, select your Facebook Page:

  • Click the "Facebook Pages" dropdown
  • Click the Page you want to publish a form to
  • Click the "Add Page Tab" button

8. A confirmation message will appear. To view the form on your Page, click the "View your Facebook Page" link. 

Facebook "This page does not have permission to install the custom tab" error

Facebook changed their API and requires that Business Pages have at least 2000 Likes to install custom tabs. As a reminder, publishing an ActiveCampaign form to Facebook creates a custom tab on your business's Page.

If you have less than 2000 Likes, you will have an error when you try adding your form to your Page.

Once you have enough likes, you can add any ActiveCampaign inline form to your Page.

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