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The subscription update form is used to collect updated information from your contacts. Each list in your account has its own subscription update form and settings. This form can be added to a campaign by using a personalization tag. Once the email is sent to contacts, the personalization tag will be replaced with a link to the update form, and contacts will see their own information pre-populated in the form fields. 

You may want to use this form to ask contacts to update their information, such as email address, name, and any other information you're collecting in custom fields. 

To access and modify your subscription update form:

1. Go to "Contacts" > “Lists” page and click on the drop down for the list you want to gather updated information from.

2. Select “Advanced Settings.”

3. Click on the “Public Pages” tab from the List Settings pop up modal.

4. Click “Edit” for “Subscription Updates.”

5. Add additional fields to your form by clicking them. You can also create a new field by clicking "Add a new field."

6. Click “Save.”

7. Under “Theme and Style options,” you can select from 1 of 5 pre-designed themes.

Theme and Style options.jpg

8. Under “Confirmation of updates being saved,” you can modify your confirmation message that will appear when a contact submits your subscription update form. To modify the message, click the message and select “Edit.” Add your customized text to the message builder on the left side menu. Then click "Update."

Confirmation of updates being saved.jpg

You can also redirect contacts to a URL instead of showing them a message. To do so, click “Redirect to URL instead.”

To insert your subscription form into your email to send to subscribers:

  1. In your campaign or automation email, click on the area where you want to add the form.
  2. Select “Personalize” from the modal tool bar.
  3. From the “Add a personalization” pop up, click “Message” then select “Update Subscription Account Link.”

The personalization tag for this form will be inserted into your campaign:

When a contact clicks on that link, they will go to your form. If they have any pre-existing information for the fields on your form, they will see that information pre-populated. If a contact sees a blank field, then that means they do not have any information for that field.

Once a contact enters their updated information and clicks “Update,” their contact profile page will reflect those changes. The update will also appear under the “Recent Activities” stream:

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