How do I see which contacts have not opened an email within a specific time frame?

To see which contacts are engaged/not engaged with your communications, we recommend using the two-part Engagement Tagging automation recipe located within the “Create a New Automation” modal under "Manage & Track Contacts." 


Please note that once these automations are implemented in your account, they will only consider engagement moving forward. They cannot determine engagement for previously sent campaigns. We recommend documenting the date that these automations are activated in your account; this will give you a frame of reference as to when the non-engagement tags are applied to your contacts.

How they work
These two automations work together to tag contacts as Engaged, Disengaged, or Inactive, depending how many days have gone by since interacting with your communications or visiting your website.

To get started with using these automations:

  1. Go to Automations and click “New Automation.”


  2. From the “Create a New Automation” modal, click on the “Part 1 - Engagement Tagging” recipe and click “Create.”


  3. Then, go back to Automations Overview page by clicking "Automations" from the top navigation menu and click “New Automation” again.
  4. From the “Create a New Automation” modal, select the “Part 2 - Engagement Tagging” recipe and click “Create.”


  5. Follow the steps in the “Automation Setup Wizard” to complete the setup of your 2-part Engagement Tagging automation by clicking “Get Started.”


If you wish to only track opens, and not link clicks and page visits, you can remove the “Contact clicks any link in any email” trigger and “Contact visits page” trigger from the “Part 2 - Engagement Tagging” automation. To remove those two triggers, mouse over the trigger and click the "X" on the top right of the trigger.


Note: At this time, it is not possible to locate contacts who have not opened or interacted with your previously sent campaigns within a specific timeframe. You can only search for contacts who have not opened specific campaigns by doing an advanced search or by viewing the non-opens in your campaign reports.

If you wish to delete contacts who have not engaged with your previously sent campaigns, we recommend using our Engagement Management tool.

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