Organize your campaigns with labels

Labels are keywords that you can apply to campaigns in order group them by topic, audience, purpose, and more. For example, if you have a few campaigns used for re-engaging your contacts, you can add a "Re-engagement" label to them. Once a label is applied to a campaign, you can filter the Campaigns overview page by that label to quickly find what you need. While similar to folders, labels offer more flexibility as you can assign more than one to a single campaign.

The Campaigns, Automations, and Forms overview pages share the same labels. Any labels created on the Campaigns page will also be reflected on the Automations and Campaigns overview pages.

How to create a new campaign label

You can create a new label to apply to one or more campaigns.

From the Campaigns Overview page:

1. Click the checkbox next to each campaign you wish to create a new label for:

2. Click the "Add Label" dropdown that appears:

3. Click "Create New Label" at the bottom of options in the dropdown. You may need to scroll down.

4. Type the label into the field provided and select a label color by clicking it:

5. Click "Add Label":

The new label will be applied to the selected campaign(s):

In addition, the new label will be available for future use and will appear in the Label dropdown located at the top of the page:

How to add a label to a campaign

To add an existing label to a campaign:

1. From the Campaigns Overview page, click the checkbox next to each campaign(s) you wish to apply an existing label to:

2. Click the label dropdown that appears:

3. Click the label to wish to apply to the selected campaign(s):

Choose Lable to apply to selected campaigns.png

The label will be applied to the selected campaign(s):

How to remove a label from a campaign

To remove a label from a campaign, click the "x" for the label you wish to remove:

How to filter campaigns by label

Any labels you create will appear in the "Label" dropdown menu in alphabetical order.

To filter campaigns by label:

1. Click the "Label" dropdown:

2. The click the label you wish to sort by.

Note that only one label can be selected for the filter.

The page will reload and display all campaigns with that label:

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