Using labels to organize your campaigns

Labels are keywords that you can create and use to categorize your campaigns. This is especially handy if you have several pages of campaigns and would like to filter them by a label. While similar to folders, labels offer more flexibility as you can assign more than one to a single item.

To create a label:

  1. Go to the Campaigns page in your account and click the plus (+) sign next to “Labels” located on the left side menu.


  2. A modal pop up will appear. Enter in the name of your label and assign a color. Click “Add Label.”


Your newly created label will now appear on the left side menu under “Labels.”


To apply a label to your campaign, click the thumbnail image of your campaign and drag it over to your label. The label will appear next to your campaign.


You can also assign a label by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the thumbnail then selecting the label from the top row header.


Next to the label name, you will see how many campaigns have that label:


To filter campaigns by a label, click the label name located on the left side menu. The screen will then list only those campaigns that have that label applied.


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