How can contacts choose which list to subscribe to when they submit a form?

The "List Selector" field is available on Inline forms only. Click here to read more about Inline forms.

Using the "List Selector" field will give your contacts the option to choose which list(s) to subscribe to when they submit your form. 

To learn how to add and configure this field in your form, follow these steps:

1. Go to Forms, then click "Edit" for your form.

2. Click the “Options” tab.

3. In the “Form Action” section of the sidebar, click “Add Action.”

4. Select the “Subscribes to list” action and select your preferred list. Click “Add.”

You'll need to repeat the above steps for each list you wish to make available to your contacts.

5. Once you have added your lists, click the “Fields” tab from the right sidebar. Select “Standard.”

6. Drag and drop the List Selector field into your form.

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