How do I enable Round Robin Deal assignment?

Round robin is an automatic distribution method that you can use to evenly assign deals to your account users. Tasks cannot be assigned round robin.

To set up a round robin distribution of deals in your pipeline:

  1. Click “Deals” from the top menu and select your pipeline from the pipeline dropdown.


  2. Click the cog next to your pipeline name and select “Options.”


  3. Select “Round Robin” from the “Auto Deal Assignment” dropdown.


  4. Select “All users” or pick and choose from any of the users listed in the “Users” dropdown. You can select as many users as you like.


  5. Click “Save.”

Note: Round robin will not assign deals evenly unless the users selected have the same amount of deals assigned to them. For example, if User A has less assigned deals than User B, the Round Robin feature will assign deals to User A until both users have the same amount of deals. Once they have the same amount of deals, round robin will distribute deals evenly.

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