How do I auto-post campaigns to Twitter?

With Zapier, you can automatically share your campaigns on Twitter as soon as they're sent to a list of contacts.

Note that the steps below should be completed before sending your campaign to your list. Once the Zap is set up and turned on, each campaign sent to the selected list will be posted on Twitter for your followers to see.

You will need a Zapier account for this process. 

1. Click here to use the "Tweet along with new campaigns on ActiveCampaign" Zap.

2. You will be asked to log into your Zapier account if you are not logged in already.

3. Follow the steps in Zapier for setting up your ActiveCampaign Trigger. You will be asked to enter your ActiveCampaign API URL and Key if your ActiveCampaign account is not yet connected to Zapier. Click "Yes, Continue."

4. In Zapier, click the List dropdown and select the list that the campaign will be sent to. Click "Continue."

5. Once you create your trigger, follow the steps in Zapier for setting up your Twitter Action. You will be asked to connect your Twitter account and authorize the app. 

6. Customize the Tweet you wish to post and choose if Zapier should shorten any links. Click "Continue."

7. Once you've completed creating the action, you can name your Zap and click the toggle to turn it “On.”

When finished, your Zap will be set to "On" and viewable in your Zaps page.

Now every time you send a campaign to the list selected in your Zap, a tweet will be posted to your Twitter account.

For more information on how to create a Zap, please visit Zapier's Getting Started Guide.

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