Why is Gmail "clipping" my email?

If you send an HTML email that exceeds 102 KB, you risk Gmail “clipping” your email.


This is a display limit set by Gmail and is a common issue that can arise with users.

What does this mean for you?
When contacts receive your email, Gmail will display the first 102 KB of your communication and then show the “[Message Clipped] View entire message” directive. Contacts will only be able to read your full email by clicking the “View entire message” link located toward the bottom of your email. Clicking this link will display the full message body and unsubscribe link.

If Gmail "clips" your email, you risk contacts not reading all of your information. In addition, this can negatively impact your deliverability rates as contacts will not have the option to click the unsubscribe link unless they click “View entire message” first. This may trigger your subscribers to mark your message as spam if they no longer want to hear from you.

How to prevent Gmail from clipping your message
It’s important to note that Gmail is only looking at the raw HTML file size. This includes text, tracking codes, URLs (including image URLs), style tags, and more. It is not taking into account the actual file size of your images.

The best action you can take is to shorten your email so that it only contains necessary information. If you want to provide additional information, insert “read more” hyperlinks into your message that will direct contacts to your website.

We also recommend testing your email before sending it to your list. You can run an Email Client Preview test from the Campaign Summary page or send a test version of your message to a gmail email address to see if the message appears as clipped. To check the actual size of your email, use mail-tester.com.

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