Saved Responses

Saved Responses are templates for one-to-one emails. One-to-one emails are sent to contacts from either their profile page (all plan levels), the Contacts Overview page (all plan levels), or Deal record page (Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans). You can use Saved Responses to save and reuse common messages and replies. Saved Responses are global, which means any user on your account can use them.

Create a Saved Response category

If you wish to create and use multiple saved responses for your one-to-one emails, we recommend creating categories for them. Doing so will help keep your saved responses organized in your account.

  1. Click "Settings."
  2. Click "Saved Responses."
  3. Click the "Manage Categories" button.
  1. A Manage Caterogies modal will appear. Click the "Add Category" button.
  1. Type the name of the category into the field provided and click "Add."
  1. Click the "Done" button.

Create a Saved Response

  1. From the Saved Responses page in your account, click the "Add Response" button.
  1. A "Add New Saved Response" modal will appear. Type the response name and click the category dropdown to select a category for your Saved Response. Click "Next."
  1. Type a subject line and message into the fields provided.

    Note the bold, italics, and strikethrough styling options on the lower left of the composer. If you want to add bullet points, insert a link, or switch from html to a plain text email, click the vertical ellipses.

    To insert a personalization tag, type the percentage symbol (%) into the body of the message. You’ll be presented with a menu of fields you can insert. After selecting the field, you’ll see a blue placeholder.

    When finished, click "Add."

The Saved Response will be added to your Saved Responses page and can be used in any one-to-one email.

Use a saved response in a one-to-one email

Once you create a Saved Response, you can use it in your one-to-one emails.

  1. Go to either the contact profile page or a deals page for a contact.
  2. Click “Send Email" located in the task bar.
  1. The message composer will open. Click the "Saved Responses" icon.
  1. Click the Saved Response you wish to use in your email.

Personalization tags will appear as blue and will populate with values from the contact record:

If any of the personalization tags appear in red, then this means the contact does not have a value for that field. If you try to send a personal email with a tag highlighted in red, you will be asked to add a value for that field before sending your message.

  1. Click “Send” to send the email to your contact. 
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