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Our automatic importer fetches your customer data in Mindbody and syncs them into ActiveCampaign as contacts.

Take Note:

  • ActiveCampaign account (Plus plan or higher. This auto-import option is not available for accounts on the Lite plan)
  • Mindbody account

Setting up the automatic import

1. Select “Contacts” from the left navigation menu.

2. Click “Import.”

3. Click the Mindbody option. 

4. A connection modal window will pop up. Enter your Username, Password, and Site ID (sometimes called Studio ID) that are specific to your MINDBODY user account. Click “Next.”

5. Select the list you want to add your customers to by clicking it (optional). Then click “Next.”

6. On the next screen, choose to either import contacts and import new contacts or import contacts and do not import new contacts by clicking either option. If this is the first time you’re setting up a MINDBODY connection, click the “Click here to activate link.” This is similar to approving ActiveCampaign access to your MINDBODY account and data.

7. On that same screen you can opt to import contacts that match a search criteria by entering a search phrase and/or selecting a search field. The first option for “Search Fields” ("First Name, Last Name, and Email") is a combination search and does a search amongst those three fields. All other options are Mindbody custom fields and will only search for matches within the specific field chosen.

8. Click “Next” to continue.

Your integration is now set up. If you need to edit or delete the integration, click on the Mindbody app from the Import page and click “Edit” or “Delete.”


Import frequency

Our importer will process no more than 500 contacts at a time. If you do not see all of your contacts synced right away, you may need to give the importer more time. If you need your data imported immediately, we recommend uploading a CSV file rather than using the automatic import to capture changes made to contacts.

The importer will catch updated/changed contacts whenever it reaches them in the range of data. For example, if you have 500 contacts, our importer will capture all updates for all contacts. If you have 1,000 contacts, it will take longer as the importer can process only 500 contacts at a time.

The sync typically runs once or twice an hour for as long as the connection is active.

Fields synced from MINDBODY into ActiveCampaign

  • First Name (system field)
  • Last Name (system field)
  • Phone Number (system field: first we check for “mobile” phone, then “work” phone, then “home” phone)
  • Email Opt In (custom field: whether or not they have the “Subscribe to email reminders & notifications” setting checked in their profile)
  • Promotional Email Opt In (custom field: whether or not they have the “Subscribe to our newsletter & promotions” setting checked in their profile)
  • Client Status (this will create a custom field: “Member” or “Non-Member”)
  • Client Indexes (these translate to traditional custom fields in ActiveCampaign)
  • Custom Fields (fields created in MINDBODY are mapped into ActiveCampaign custom fields)
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