How do I sort contacts by first or last name?

By default, we list your contacts alphabetically by email address. However, you can temporarily sort your contacts by first name or last name instead. To do so:

  1. Click “Contacts” to go to the Contacts Overview page as shown here:


  2. To sort by First or Last name, you’ll need to make those options available on the Contacts page. To do so, click the cog located on the top right of the Contacts page and click “First Name” and/or “Last Name.”


  3. Your Contacts Overview page should now show the First Name and Last Name fields.


  4. Click on either the “First Name” or “Last Name” column header to sort contacts by first or last name. You can choose ascending or descending order by clicking on the directional by either field.


Please note that it is not possible to save a sort preference (for example, sorting by first or last name)–we will always default to sort contacts by email address in ascending order.

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