How to change the date and time display format

Changing the date and time account settings will update how date fields are displayed within your account. This change will also extend to date fields on forms and all dates within the platform, including date personalization fields you insert into your campaigns.

To change the date and time settings in your account:

1. Click "Settings" located on the bottom left corner of your screen.

2. Click “Advanced” from the left side menu.

3. Enter your new date and time format in the "Date and Time Format" fields:

4. Click “Save Settings.”

If you’re not sure what format to use, click the “Here are some formatting examples” link for suggestions.

Note: If you are importing a CSV file with custom date-type fields, those fields will still need to be formatted as MM/DD/YYYY in your file. Once the file is imported, the date format will reflect the format selected on your Advanced Settings page.

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