Campaign archives

A campaign archive is a shareable, public page that lists web versions of each sent campaign.

  • Campaign archives are list-based. Each list has its own archive of sent campaigns
  • The archive can only be shared with a link. This is accessed from the “Integration settings for list” page in your account
  • Automation emails are not listed on the campaign archive page

To access/share your campaign archive

1. Click Campaigns in the left menu. Click “View Archive.”

2. Click the dropdown next to "Integration settings for list" to choose the list you want to view.

Alternatively, you can access the archive by clicking Lists > the drop-down caret for any list > Advanced Settings > Public Pages > Campaign Archive.

3. To share a link to your archive, copy the archive URL and share it with any individual you choose:

This is what the individual will see when they click the campaign archive link:

Once they click on a campaign, we’ll display a web browser version of your email. This version of your email lists social media icons on the top right of the screen, allowing contacts to share your message in their own networks.

To disable the campaign archive for a list, click “Disable” next to the share link.

If later you wish to re-enable the campaign archive page for your list, click “Enable.”

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