Can I use custom fonts in my campaigns?

While it’s possible to use custom fonts in your outgoing communications, it is not recommended as a best practice. Our drag-and-drop email designer offers a variety of fonts that are accepted by most email service providers, which means most (if not all contacts) will see the correct font in your email. However, if it is essential to use your own custom font, there are a few important items to keep in mind:

  1. You will need to create your own custom-coded HTML email or use an HTML block in the drag-and-drop designer in order to add your custom font. Custom fonts cannot be uploaded into the font selector in the drag and drop email designer.
  2. Your custom font may not be supported by your contacts’ email service providers. This means that contacts may not see your custom font when they open your email. If you like, you can provide a fallback font in addition to your custom font when you build your custom-coded email as a safeguard. If no fallback font is chosen, the contact will see Times New Roman instead. We recommend using web safe fonts for your outgoing communications that use custom code.
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