Wufoo integration

Wufoo is an online form designer that you can use to capture contact information. The integration will create new ActiveCampaign contacts from Wufoo entries with the option to add tags and map custom fields. You also have the option to create new entries in Wufoo for a form when a new contact is added in ActiveCampaign. Both integration options are enabled by Zapier. To see other integration options with ActiveCampaign and Wufoo via Zapier, click here.

In this example, we'll walk you through how to to add contacts in ActiveCampaign from Wufoo entries.

To get started with this integration, you’ll need:

  • ActiveCampaign account
  • Wufoo account
  • Zapier account

1. Click on "Apps" from the left navigation menu.

2. Locate Wufoo on the Apps page and click it to select it.

3. Select your preferred integration by clicking “Set this up.” In this example, we are going to select, “When a contact is added in Wufoo add them in ActiveCampaign.”

5. Click “Log in” on the top right of the page if you are not already logged into your Zapier account.

6. When setting up your Zapier trigger, you will be asked to connect your Wufoo account to Zapier.

7. Choose the form in Wufoo you wish to use by selecting it from the “Form” dropdown in Zapier.

8. To complete your trigger, you will be required to test the Wufoo connection with Zapier. To do so, you’ll need to have at least one entry created in Wufoo. Click “Fetch and Continue.”

9. Once the test is complete, click “Continue” to set up your Zapier action.

10. When setting up your action, you will be asked to add your ActiveCampaign API URL and Key in order to connect ActiveCampaign with Zapier. You can retrieve that information by following the steps in this document.

11. Select the list you wish new form entries to be added to and map the email address field by clicking on the provided dropdowns (required). You can also map additional fields, including custom fields, on this page. Note that you will need to map custom fields in your Wufoo form to pre-existing fields in ActiveCampaign. Click “Continue” to move to the next step.

12. On the next screen, test the connection with ActiveCampaign by clicking “Create & Continue.” This will create a test contact in your ActiveCampaign account.

13. On the next page, you should see that the test was successful. Click “Finish” to complete the integration.

You can now see the Zap on your Zapier dashboard:

All contacts who submit your Wufoo form will be added to your ActiveCampaign list.

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