Add your ActiveCampaign form to your Squarespace site



Learn how to add an ActiveCampaign form to your Squarespace site so you can collect subscriber information.

Take note

  • This document shows you how to add ActiveCampaign form code to a code block in Squarespace 
  • To set up this configuration, you will need a Squarespace account and an ActiveCampaign account

How to add ActiveCampaign form code to your Squarespace page

  1. Create a form in ActiveCampaign.
  2. Click the “Integrate” button for your form. 
  3. Copy the Simple Embed code.
  4. Open a separate window or tab and log into your Squarespace account.
  5. Select the site you want to add your form to. 
  6. Open a page or post and click “Edit.”
  7. Click an insert point and click "Code" from the block menu. 
  8. Make sure "HTML" is selected in the dropdown menu. 
  9. Remove the default code and paste the ActiveCampaign form code into the box. 
  10. When finished, click "Apply."

For more information about Squarespace code blocks, visit the Code block help article. 

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