integration is an analytics integration that allows you to track your data once and send it to any tool you wish to use.

With this integration, you can:

The instructions below will walk you through both set ups.

To get started with either integration, you’ll need the following:

Sending information to ActiveCampaign from

  1. Navigate to the Apps page in your ActiveCampaign account by selecting “Apps” from the top-right menu.


  2. Locate Segment from the Apps page and click on it.


  3. Click the “Get Started” button located in the “Send data from Segment into ActiveCampaign” box.


  4. Select whether or not you will be sending site tracking data into ActiveCampaign. If yes, you will need to enter the domain you will be adding tracking code on. Click “Connect.”


  5. You will be directed to where you will need to log into your account by clicking “Login” on the top right of your screen.
  6. Once logged in, select a current workspace by clicking it, or click “New Workspace.”
  7. Select the source that will send information into Segment by clicking it. If you don’t see your source listed, click “View More Options.” Follow the rest of the steps to complete this set up.


  8. Select the source that will send customer data into ActiveCampaign by selecting the source from the dropdown. Click “Send Data.”


The integration set up is now complete and you will be redirected back to your ActiveCampaign account. If you wish to discontinue the sync, you will need to disconnect the integration from your account.

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Sending information to from ActiveCampaign

  1. Log into your Segment account and select your Workspace by clicking it.
  2. Under sources, click “Add Source.”


  3. Select ActiveCampaign from the Sources Catalog by clicking it.


  4. Click “Connect.”


  5. Click “Add Source” to complete the source setup.


  6. Click “Copy” next to your Write Key.


  7. Open a new tab or window and log into your ActiveCampaign account.
  8. Navigate to the Apps page in your ActiveCampaign account by selecting “Apps” from the left side menu.
  9. Locate Segment from the Apps page and click on it.
  10. Under “Send email events data from ActiveCampaign to Segment,” click the toggle:


  11. A “Connect to Segment” modal will open. Paste the Segment write key you copied in step 6 (above) into the field provided and click “Connect.”


Your ActiveCampaign account is now connected to Segment as a source:


To confirm that your source is working, you can send a test campaign to yourself from your ActiveCampaign account and view the debugger in Segment.

We support the following events:

  • Email delivered
  • Email opened
  • Email link clicked
  • Email marked as spam
  • Email bounced
  • Unsubscribed

For each event, we will send a track call to segment. An example of the data structure is below:

We'll also show the most recent event tracked on the Segment Apps page:


For more details regarding either set up, please see this help document from

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