How to add a GIF to an email

You can add a GIF to any email template, campaign, or automation email with the Image block.

Take note

GIFs are not supported by all email service providers. For example, Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013 will only show your first frame. In addition, if your GIF is too large, it may take too much time to load and play on a mobile device.

How to add a GIF to your email

1. From the email designer of your template, campaign or automation email, drag the image block to the design layout.

2. Click the image block in your layout to open the Content Manager.

3. Hover your mouse over the GIF you would like to use and click “Select image.”

4. If the file is not uploaded in the Content Manager, click “Add file” to upload it. Then hover your mouse over the file and click "Select Image."

Your GIF is now inserted into your email.

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