[Video] How do I edit a segment?



  1. From the Lists overview page, click the dropdown next to the list containing your segment and click “Segments.”


  2. Select the segment you wish to edit by clicking it.


  3. You will be directed to the List Segments page. At the top you will see your lists with checkboxes. A checked list(s) means that you can access your segment conditions through that specific list(s) on the Lists Overview page. If you do not want a particular list to have access/edit permissions for your segment, uncheck the box.

  4. On that same page, you can modify your current conditions by selecting new conditions in the option categories dropdown or modifying the option value. You can also add additional conditions by clicking “Add another condition” or create new segment groups by clicking “Add New Segment Group.”


  5. When finished, click “Save.”

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