Using different search options to navigate your account

In your account, we offer a few different options for searching information. These search options help you better navigate your account so that you go directly to a page in just a few clicks.

On the top navigation toward the right, you’ll see a magnifying glass icon:


This main search bar allows you to search for nested pages as well as the different overview pages in your account. For example, let’s say I’m working on an automation and wish to go to the “Import” page in my account. I can click the search icon and start typing “Import”:


Then I can select the “Import Contacts” option from the suggested items and navigate directly to that page.

In your account, you may have also noticed a second search bar located on every Feature Overview page. For example, this is the search bar on the Contacts Overview page:


This search bar will help you find information specific to that page. For example, I can use that search bar to look for contacts that are associated with “Sarah”:


As you can see, it pulled up contacts whose name is Sarah and also who have “Sarah” as part of their email address.

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