How can I use ActiveCampaign to nurture new customers?

With our automations feature, taking new customers through an onboarding process where you can grow your relationship with them is easy.

To get started, click "Automations" to navigate to the Automations Overview page.

Then, click “New Automation.”

3. An automation recipe modal will open. Click “Start from Scratch” then click “Continue.”

Next, you will choose your trigger by clicking it. The trigger will determine how contacts will enter your automation. If you are applying a purchase tag to your new customers, then you'll want to use the Tag is added trigger. If you are using the Goals feature with purchases, then you will want to choose Goal is achieved. Or if you are using any of our Deep Data integrations, you may want to use the Makes a purchase trigger.

In this example, were going to trigger our automation to run when a Purchase tag is applied to a contact.

The trigger modal will open where you can type the tag that the trigger should look for. Choose if the trigger should run once per contact, or multiple times for each contact. You can also use the advanced option to further restrict which contacts enter your automation. When finished, click Add Start.

Once your trigger is added, you can add the remaining steps to your automation, such as waits, if/else branches, emails, goals, and more by clicking the node (+) or dragging and dropping them into your automation.

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