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What happens to my idea once I submit it?

Once you submit your idea, it goes into a queue that our Product Team regularly reviews. Once the idea has been reviewed, it’s categorized and weighed against other factors, such as current priorities and goals. If it’s an idea that’s trending (meaning, if more than one person submitted a similar idea), the bigger of a priority it becomes.

Finally, if the idea aligns with our overall direction, it gets added to a roadmap and will eventually become a feature or an improvement to a current feature.

Submitted ideas can receive any of the status types below:

Status Definition
Needs Review Unread, needs to be responded to.
Already Exists This functionality or a way to solve the same problem already exists in ActiveCampaign.
Future Consideration The idea may be on our long term roadmap, and we will follow up as it comes closer to possible exploration.
Exploring This idea is officially on the backlog and we are working towards a path to commit.
On Our Roadmap Items that are prioritized for us, but not yet in progress.
In Progress This idea is officially in development
Shipped This feature or idea has been released and is available to customers.

What are some ideas from customers that became features?

Glad you asked! Here are some feature requests from customers that we’ve implemented:

  • Deep Data integration with WooCommerce
  • The ability to choose between a contact’s time zone and the account user’s time zone with creating automation wait actions
  • Using personalized content in emails
  • The ability to auto-populate a deal name with a contact’s name or email address
  • The ability to send html emails in automations
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