Troubleshooting connected email accounts


Connecting your IMAP and Exchange email account to Deals shows you sent and received emails for a contact with an open deal. These emails can be sent from your ActiveCampaign or connected email account.

Below are some common issues that can occur when connecting your email account and our recommendations to troubleshoot the problem.

You are not able to connect your email account

  • Ensure that you are using the correct password to connect your email account. If you’re not sure what your password is, you may need to reset it
  • You may have 2-factor authentication enabled. You may need to work with your IT department or email provider to either turn this off or generate an application-specific password
  • Check your ports. Use 587 or 465 for SMTP (sending mail) and 993 for IMAP (receiving mail)
  • Your email provider may not support IMAP. You will need to contact your email provider regarding this issue

Emails you sent to the contact do not appear on that contact’s profile page

  • If you sent an email from your connected email account, then moved that email to the trash, it will not appear on the contact’s profile page. To fix this, remove the email from your trash
  • Ensure your contact has an Open deal. If the contact does not have a deal, or if the deal is marked as Won, the email will not appear

Emails received from the contact do not appear on that contact’s profile page

  • Ensure the email address you connected to Deals is the same email address in the “From/To Details” area of your 1:1 email:


    Replies from the contact will only appear in your account if these two email addresses are the same.
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