Joomla integration

Joomla! is a content management system (CMS) that enables you to create websites and online applications. This integration will sync subscribes and unsubscribes to ActiveCampaign once the user registers or updates their profile.

To get started with this integration, you’ll need an ActiveCampaign account and a Joomla account. Please note that this plugin only works with Joomla version 3.8.0. 

  1. Download the Joomla component zip file and log into your Joomla! account.
  2. Click “Extensions” from the top navigation menu. Then select “Manage” then “Install.”


  3. Next, upload the extension. You can choose to use the drag and drop method or click the “Or browse for file” button.


    You will then see the following message:

  4. Once installed, a new ActiveCampaign menu option will appear under “Components.” Navigate to the “Installation Instructions” page.


  5. Follow the instructions on which files to add or modify.


  6. You can find your default template on the Extensions, Templates page. To get there, click “Extensions” then template, then template.

    Templates page:

  7. Next, visit the Settings page to supply your ActiveCampaign software information by clicking “Components”>”ActiveCampaign”>”Connection Settings.”


    Connection settings page:

    Note: You can fetch your ActiveCampaign API information by clicking your avatar, then selecting My Settings>Developer.
  8. Next, visit the “Select Lists” page to choose what lists will appear on your registration and profile forms by clicking them. When finished, click “Save.”

    Select Lists page:


Uninstalling Joomla:

  1. Navigate to Extensions > Extension Manager.


  2. Find the “ActiveCampaign” component.


  3. Click the checkbox next to it, then click the “Uninstall” button along the top.

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