How do I import contacts using the copy and paste option?

The copy and paste import option allows you to import your contacts quickly. You may want to use this option for shorter lists, or if you do not have a lot of custom fields.

To get started:

1. From the Contacts Overview page, click "Import."

2. Click the "Copy & paste your contacts" link.

3. A copy and paste import modal will appear:

If you are only importing email addresses, you will want to list each email address on its own line like this:

If you are pasting from a word processing program or are directly typing the contact's name, email address, and one or two other custom fields or tags directly into the import modal, you will want to list each item separated by a comma with no spaces like this:

Sarah,Connor,,October Import

Ellen,Ripley,,October Import

If you are pasting from a spreadsheet, you do not need to insert a comma.

4. Once you have pasted or typed your contacts in the import modal, click “Next.”

5. Map your fields by matching what you pasted to the fields listed in the “Map into field” dropdown. If a field does not yet exist, click “Add new field.”

6. Select which list these contacts will be added to by clicking on the appropriate checkbox (optional) and apply a tag to these contacts by typing it in the “Add Tags” field (optional).

7. If these contacts are being added as “Active” then select “Import as Active Contacts.” You can also add these contacts as “Unsubscribed” contacts or add them to your exclusions list.

8. If these contacts already exist in your account and if you’re using this method to update them, click the “Update existing contacts while importing” checkbox. Otherwise, click “Import Now.”

Once the import is complete, you can view your recent import report.

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